The process begins with a chat with you to find out what you are looking for. This helps build a picture of your aspirations and ideas for the garden and is the basis of any further work. From there we can talk about the services that you might be interested in.

Below are details of the main services that are offered: 

A comprehensive re design of your garden. It includes a detailed drawing package with 3D illustrations, sketches and a fully rendered master plan which is hand drawn and individual to you. If you then choose to move to the next stage and implement the design, I can help you through the process.

A dedicated service to create high impact designs for small spaces- courtyards, terrace or balcony. It’s also perfect if you are looking for dressing your space for a special occasion or to create a container garden. 

Growing food is possible in any size garden and even containers. I create a plan according to your own preferences and time. You get details on where to source seeds, how and when to sow and harvest. Ideas on how to growing perennial vegetables, combining crops and mixing crops with flowers. How to keep your crops healthy naturally (without artificial pesticides) and other tips on producing healthy, tasty food. Suitable for gardens or containers. 

Refresh your flower beds with some contemporary planting schemes bespoke to you. Get a detailed planting plan with type, number and cost of plants. I can also organise the installation and a maintenance programme for the ongoing care of the plants.

When you need regular, seasonal or holiday maintenance or just an occasional spruce up to bring all your plants in check, then I can create a maintenance programme to help you care for your garden at your convenience. 

Are you 

– a new gardener that needs some advice on starting out? 

– looking for some fresh ideas of plant combinations and inspiration from current trends? 

– looking for tips on how to grow in containers or to grow food? 

– are a business/social enterprise interested in having a garden but don’t know how to make it happen? 

Over a 2hr consultation, I can give you horticultural/design guidance to help you with your garden issue.

Please contact me if you would like to find out more about these services or to discuss a project you have in mind.